We’re Moving!

Truxaw and Associates is moving to a new, updated location, in January 2019.

New address coming soon.

Truxaw offers a wide variety of services. . .

Truxaw specializes in entitlement processing, grading, drainage, street, sewer, water and utility design, ALTA surveys, topographic and boundary surveys, mapping, construction surveys and construction support.

However, our company has many services to fulfill your needs. Take a look at our Services page to find a complete list of our services.

Welcome to Truxaw and Associates!

Truxaw and Associates is a civil engineering and land surveying company, located in Orange, CA. For over 50 years we have proudly served California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

We are keenly aware that the keys to client satisfaction are timely communication, quality, accurate plans and specifications, and close attention to schedules and budgets.

We are “Professionals, Committed to Quality, Service and Value, On Time.”