Truxaw names Patricia A. Felker as Vice President of Finance!

We are pleased to announce that effective 2/18/2021 Patricia A. Felker has been named Vice President of Finance at Joseph C. Truxaw and Associates, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience as Controller and Finance Manager at Truxaw we are excited to welcome her as our new Vice President.

Her major responsibilities will continue to include strategic planning, maintaining positive revenue and financial growth, formulating sound financial strategies, as well as implementing proper internal controls.

Along with preparing financial reports, analyzing financial data, evaluating and managing risk, budgeting and managing financial transactions, she is an exceptional problem-solver, is highly organized and has excellent leadership skills.

Her knowledge and commitment to Truxaw and Associates complement and enhance Truxaw’s ability to meet the needs of our clients as we continue to provide quality services to the marketplace.

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