About us

Trusted Quality Since 1966

Truxaw is an award winning professional civil engineering and land surveying firm recognized consistently for exceptional quality as well as a strict attention to timelines and budgets. For over 50 years, Truxaw and Associates has been providing professional civil engineering, land surveying, mapping, and cutting-edge design solutions for property owners and land developers throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Colorado.

We specialize in entitlement services, design for grading, drainage, street, sewer, water and utilities, ALTA surveys, topographic and boundary surveys, mapping, construction surveys/staking and construction phase support.

Our diverse client base includes public agencies, developers, general contractors, religious organizations, cemeteries, lenders, and title companies.

We have successfully completed over 5,000 projects and our experience working with over 400 local agencies allows us to meet our clients’ needs and provide a strategic approach throughout the development and execution of each project. We ensure attentiveness to client expectations, budgets, and timelines.

We know the keys to client satisfaction are timely communication, quality, accurate plans and specifications, and close attention to schedules and budgets, which is why we strive to exceed client expectations and deliver on this mission from the start of every project through completion.

Our continued success is a direct result of our unique understanding of the needs of each client and prioritizing client satisfaction.



We do all things, at all times, ethically, and with integrity.


We grow our business by putting our clients first and being responsive, reliable, and professional in all that we do.


We adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the industry.


We provide valuable service in a timely manner, at a fair price.


We think outside the box and help our clients address current and future civil engineering challenges.


We commit to excellence in everything that we do.

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Max. file size: 500 MB.